Affiliate Disclosure

Meet my rescue dog, Bhai. He is 11 and has been staying with me for the last 6 years. He is an Indian pariah dog otherwise known as street dogs. Pariah dogs are extremely intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. Unfortunately, not many people go for street dogs when it comes to buying/adopting a dog. I try to help as many with food and shelter. As currently, my house is small, I could keep only one.

I am on a mission to help these poor fellows by building a hospital to give them free care and shelter.

Your help comes to me in a way that does not even cost you an extra penny. If you click, register, or opt for services by following a link originating from this site, I may receive a small amount from which I will dedicate 25% for providing care, food, medication to these homeless dogs.

Secondly, my heart cries when I see the advertisements from organizations that crowdfund the poor and needy. Whenever I contribute, I wish I had more to help. Therefore, I have also decided to contribute 25% of the earning to the poor and needy seeking medical help.

Whatever is left, I will happily accept as your token of appreciation for my work in keeping knowledge accessible through my blogs, and maintaining high quality and accuracy.

Rest assured, I promote brands that are best known as leaders in their industry and relevant for you. Don't just believe me, Google it when in doubt.

I also advise you to please carefully read, understand the respective companies' privacy policy, terms and conditions and other important information so that you know how they operate, what kind of data they collect, and your obligations, if any.