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Online Marketer with a Stronghold in SEO and Content Marketing

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I am the founder of KlikTrix Digital and a content marketer with a keen interest in all things digital.

I am a contributor at Business 2 Community and Search Engine Watch, and I regularly share tips on the best practices for site ranking, content planning, SEO, digital marketing, and other topics.

I have created my site, Kiltrix Digital, content and digital marketing agency, with one purpose and one purpose only. I want to share my knowledge so you can grow your business.

My journey as an independent consultant started after spending over a sizeable portion of my career in the content crafting business. As a corporate content specialist, I experienced how digital marketing teams fail to create a flawless brand strategy and align business goals with marketing goals.

Every business is unique and has its own set of challenges. And not necessarily what worked for other businesses will bring the same result for yours. Through my free consultation, I identify your business goals and unique challenges, and tailor an effective online marketing strategy to address the issue.

When I am not working for you, I volunteer for various United Nations programs, spend time with my dog, and read.

What can I help you with?

When you assign me your project, I take ownership and prioritize tasks according to your business goals and create a plan aligned with the core values.
Here is a broad classification of tasks I am deft in:
Digital Marketing
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
On-page and Off-page SEO
Social Media Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Paid Advertising
Keyword Research and Optimization

Why should you hire me?

Because I have both the right knowledge and application skills in inbound marketing and outbound marketing. I read every day and educate myself through the best courses. My certification comes from some of the best places on this planet. I am certified by Google, HubSpot, SEMRush, and some of the best places known for their expertise. Don't forget to take a look at my certificates.

Making you successful also makes me one. As a digital marketer specializing in content marketing techniques, it gives me immense pleasure to see my plan is successful. I emphasize on following the white-hat SEO techniques to ensure your site is in Google's good book and also optimized for search engines.

Most importantly, I ensure that your content is written for humans, NOT robots. By creating useful and unique content I help you convey the brand message, target the right audience, and generates revenue.

A webpage that is properly optimized, designed, and written for the human readers, and adds value to the already existing information, is awarded more traffic. Again, through proper marketing effort, you can convert the traffic into repeated visitors, leads, finally customers.

The main reason why many businesses fail to attract or nurture leads is poor knowledge of the sales funnel.

With my plan and strategy, I guide your website traffic along their buyer journey. This not only nurtures leads but also increases the chances of conversion.

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